Batman SpankassageSPANKASSAGE is my NEW Up-Market specialty with light or bolder spanking techniques to awaken the brain-spinal nerve network and pelvic cavity into full arousal. You will experience my unique duality touch techniques.  I love using vibration to awaken erotic energy. I have my own exclusive titillating touch techniques to awaken your body into ecstasy. This session includes rosebud and sweet spot reflexology. The goal is complete all-body subspace relaxation into a full-body orgasmic cellular awakening.

NOTE:  I’m the Queen of GSpot!
One Hour $250
90 Minutes $350 (Best option for beginners)
Two Hours $450 (Decadent Option)


What to expect in your Spankassage session?

  • Sensate Touch Techniques
  • Coconut Oil
  • Duality Titillation Touch
  • My exclusive Rosebud Reflexology
  • Tantric Breath, Sound and Movement Coaching
  • Sweet Spot Bodywork
  • GSpot – just ask!
  • Sensation Play with Toys
  • Heightened Ecstatic States of Consciousness
  • Profound Relaxation (Zero Brain Chatter)
  • A Positive Experience and a Repeat Booking!

If it sounds too GOOD, then BOOK today!


Text me on 0404 449 433 to book your Wickedly Sensual, Naughty and Playful session of Tantric Spanking and Sensual Oily Touch.

If you have tasted the delights of TANTRA and you want to take your arousal into another Dimension, then allow your Mistress to Explode your Rosy Red Bottom into Orbit!

Every human being has the potential to access Heightened States of arousal.   Spankassage is a highly provocative gateway to ecstatic altered states and deep profound coconut relaxation.

 Spankassage with Aleena Aspley

Ms Aleena Aspley

Location: North Brisbane Qld

Mobile: 0404 449 433

International: 61 404 449 433



Availabiltiy: Monday to Friday to 9pm

Do Text me or Phone to book your Spankassage session

PLEASE NOTE: If you are unable to contact me on my mobile phone then do please text my mobile with your appointment details and request that I call you back. When I am with a client I do not answer my mobile phone.

BY APPOINTMENT: I am available Monday to Friday to 9pm.



The Orgasmic Yoga Journal by

The New School of erotic touch


Spankassage Brisbane

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