Erotic Massage Christchurch NewZealand

Erotic massage Christchurch NewZealand with Bodyworker Maria


Erotic Massage Christchurch NewZealandSENSUAL MASSAGE FOR ADULTS

My name is Maria and I offer private intimate touch sessions for Males, Females and Couples who want do deepen their erotic potential and explore and awaken their hidden passions.

I am a sensual, playful, highly sexual and passionate women. My goal is to assist individuals and couples to awaken and re-ignite the passion in their sex lives and relationships. I describe myself as an intimate touch therapist and hands-on intimacy coach whose passion is to enhance your sex life and relationship. My touch is intuitive, sensual and deeply relaxing.

Erotic Massage Christchurch NewZealand


My goal is to profoundly relax your whole body and awaken your erotic energy with my soft magic hands. The focus of your Full Body Sensual Massage session is all about your comfort, relaxation and full-body pleasure.

This is a sensual erotic massage designed just for you!

During your erotic massage session, your body will be sensually touched from head to toe to profoundly relax your body and awaken your senses. You will be slowly pampered and you will have the opportunity to experience blissful states without any judgement, criticism or expectations.

I value my clients and I treat everyone as unique and special. I thoroughly enjoy pampering the human body and I love seeing you leaving my studio feeling refreshed, re-newed and looking forward to our next session together.

My studio is in a quiet neighbourhood close to Christchurch, with easy parking. I offer a discreet and caring upmarket service. I am available strictly by appointment only.

Give yourself the ultimate sensual relaxation experience. Call me now to book your session.

Let go, relax and enjoy!



Erotic Massage Christchurch NewZealand


Christchurch, New Zealand

Phone: (New Zealand): 027 373 3200





Erotic Massage Christchurch NewZealandBONDASSAGE:

I am the first trained and certified New Zealand Bondassage Practitioner. I offer you the opportunity to explore your submissive desires and sexual edge while being profoundly relaxed in a safe environment. Do click on the Bondassage tab to learn more about light BDSM, Sensation Play, Intimate Relaxation and Sensual Massage. Click Here to book a Bondassage session with me.

Erotic Massage Christchurch NewZealand


Dear Mistress Maria, I write to let you know just how amazing my time with you the other day was.  You said that you intended on taking me to another level and you certainly did!!  Having place my collar on me, you had me lie on your table face down, a sense of relaxation and excitement filled me.  You took my temperature rectally and then proceeded to strap me to your table leaving my bottom free to move and enabling good access for you.  Although not blindfolded, I closed my eyes and let the sensations of you manipulations take me to another place.

The various pieces of equipment that you used to stroke, pat, kneed, slap, spank and squeeze with were sensational.  You focused on my very sensitive but welcoming anal area first by running different beads between my buttocks and then pouring lots of oil on to my checks and rubbing it in to my most private parts.  At some stage you administered a suppository just to add to the whole experience.

You then began to insert what felt like a large dildo into me having already prepared my passage.  Your tender encouraging of this into me while the arousing massage and stimulation continued was indescribably good.  The dildo was then turned on and the vibrations slowly worked their way through my body.  You used a second vibrators which served to intensify the pulses running through my body, I could not help but let out moans of pleasure and ecstasy.  I could feel you caressing my scrotum and base of my cock and I managed to raise my hips enough for you to slip your hand beneath me and stroke me.  The intensity of the waves and pulses through my body grew until it felt like my whole body was quivering and I had to release.  You kept on stroking until and during the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had – it didn’t stop and my whole body felt as though it was writhing and shaking – I’m glad I was strapped to your table as I would have come off otherwise.

You let me lie there in the quiet for a while as my body returned from its high.  I can only explain it as a mind blowing experience.  Once I came to, you had me lie on my back to begin the next stage of our session and my treatment.  You stroked and aroused me again, which  didn’t think possible after what I’d just experienced!!!  The sounding slipped in while the vibrator filled me from behind again and felt amazing.  You oiled me and stroked me until I orgasmed  again – my body became quite tense through the sheer please and energy that went into the orgasm.  Limbs, body and mind fell to the table again in a complete state of euphoria.  You left me lying there quietly for a while to contemplate what had just happened.  Again I had hardly opened my eyes throughout the whole session and found the concentrating on the sounds, feels and senses made the experience so much more incredible.

To round it all off, you shaved my armpits, gave me a bed bath and dressed me – things that I love which just put the finishing touches to a truly amazing and out of this world body experience. Richard July 2014


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