Premature Ejaculation Session

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Such a great session and a very nice Australian / Indian professional man 32yo, who has suffered from premature ejaculation all his life. This man is married and experiences PE when he is with his wife, however, if he masturbates he doesn’t have a problem with coming too quickly.

Female Energy… Female shakti / yoni energy is so potent that a male simply cannot control his arousal when his genitals are near the vagina. Many men spend long periods arousing their lady with foreplay, then when it’s their turn to enjoy intercourse they only last a few pumps.

My theory is that females reach levels of arousal that a male never reaches (unless he is taught how to have full-body cellular orgasms).

The Transfer of Erotic Energy…  If you put your penis inside a vagina that has reached arousal levels and/or orgasm intensity that your male body has never been taught to reach, then the female erotic energy transfers into your male genitals and whamo guys you’re blowing. 😐    (Session 15Aug13)