TANTRIC DOMINATION KINKASSAGE® (Tie & Tease Sensory Deprivation)

Tantric Domination Kinkassage Brisbane

Tantric Domination Kinkassage Brisbane with Aleena Aspley NEO Tantra Practitioner.



Tantric Domination Kinkassage Brisbane

Kinkassage® is a registered trademark of Aleena Aspley Australia

Tantric Domination Kinkassage Brisbane

Embrace the enticing realm of Spicey and Playful TANTRIC DOMINATION KINKASSAGE® and surrender your body to its alluring power. Allow yourself to be safely immersed in the world of controlled dominance, amplifying your body’s capacity for ecstatic pleasure. For an extraordinary experience, I highly recommend indulging in a session of two hours or more. This extended duration propels your body into profound states of bliss and pleasure, simultaneously awakening every cell into a symphony of absolute, full-body orgasmic rapture.

The allure of reserving a 2-hour or longer session lies in the opportunity to elevate your orgasmic threshold while gently guiding your male body into a state of deep, profound relaxation. Your body craves the chance to switch off completely and embrace the sublime state of SUBSPACE.

With Tantric Domination Kinkassage, the duration of your session directly correlates to the depth of your indulgence and the intensity of your experience.

A high-end Tantric Domination Kinkassage® spanning two hours can transport your body to heightened orgasmic realms that few men ever encounter in their lifetime. The ultimate objective of your Domination Kinkassage session is to unlock a full-body male cellular orgasm.

Tantric Domination Kinkassage masterfully blends ultra-light and bold bondage with controlled dominance, taking you on a journey through my sensate duality touch techniques and a meticulously paced intimate arousal.

Madame Aleena Aspley BrisbaneThe human body loves the opportunity to completely switch off and yield into the sublime state of SUBSPACE.

With TANTRIC DOMINATION KINKASSAGE, the longer your session, the more indulgent and sizzling your experience.

High-end TANTRIC DOMINATION KINKASSAGE can take your body into heightened orgasmic states that few males ever experience in their lifetime!   The goal of your Domination Kinkassage session is a male Luminous Energy Orgasm.


Tantric Domination Kinkassage Brisbane

TANTRIC DOMINATION KINKASSAGE incorporating ultra light and/or bolder bondage with domination, is a journey of my sensate duality touch techniques and super SLOW intimate arousal.

Tantric Domination Kinkassage BrisbaneAt the beginning of your Domination session you will wear a blindfold and headphones. While holding hands, I will tune into your bodies luminous energy and intuitively connect with the precise touch your body desires.

As your Domination session progresses playful toys of all varieties will be chosen to over indulge your male senses. I have my own exclusive domination duality touch techniques to titillate your body into ecstasy.

Your TANTRIC DOMINATION KINKASSAGE session includes bootylicious rosebud bodywork. The goal is complete full-body relaxation to slow down brain chatter, into a mellowed, subspace state of consciousness.

NOTE:  I am the Queen of G-spot!


Tantric Domination Kinkassage Brisbane


  • Two Hour Session $500
  • Three Hour Session $750
  • Longer sessions are available



  • 4 Hours $1000 (2 Hours each)
  • 5 Hours $1200 (2.5 Hours each)


Tantric Domination Kinkassage Brisbane


  • Domination & Sensation Play Bodywork
  • Tantric Principles to move your Erotic Energy & Arousal
  • My Magic Hands & Kinkassage Relaxation
  • Titillating Sensate Touch Techniques
  • Personalised Sound, Movement and Awareness Coaching
  • Pelvic Rotation Bodywork
  • Pelvic Release Bodywork
  • Shamanic De-Armoring
  • Whole Body Vibration for Chakra Activation
  • Pudendal Nerve Awakening – to bring pleasure ALIVE!
  • Pelvic Nerve and Vegas Nerve Activation
  • Awakening of over 15,000 nerve endings in the Pelvic cavity
  • My 101 Spanks Bodywork Techniques
  • A Blindfold
  • Headphones
  • Fluffy Leather Restraints
  • Props and Toys of all Varieties
  • G-Spot – just ask!
  • Heightened Ecstatic States of Consciousness
  • Profound Relaxation into Theta Brain Waves (Zero Brain Chatter)
  • The Goal is a male Luminous Energy Orgasm (LEO)
  • Kinkassage® is a Registered Trademark of Aleena Aspley
  • Chakrassage Kundalini Awakening Bodywork
  • A Positive experience and a smile from ear to ear when you leave my studio!





Tantric Domination Kinkassage Brisbane

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Tantric Domination Kinkassage Brisbane