FAQ TANTRIC MASSAGE BRISBANEIf you have a question, that you would like to ask me, then do text my mobile phone and I will contact you back as soon as I can.

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UPDATED 11 April 2018


FAQ Tantric Massage BrisbaneI’m interested in coming along to try a tantra session.  Can you tell me a little more about what to expect, as this will be a new experience for me.

Mark, 23-March-2012

FAQ TANTRIC MASSAGE BRISBANEWhen you arrive, we will have a quick chat about your male anatomy of arousal, and any problems in the bedroom, that you may be having.  I will share with you my knowledge of full-body and cellular energetic orgasm. I will then ask you to dis-robe and lay face down on my massage table. At this stage your Male Multiples Makeover / Tantric Kinkassage experience begins.

Your personalized Tantric session begins with slow, titillating, erotic relaxation and sensate touch. I will coach you to breathe and focus upwards. As your session progresses, I will teach you how to harness (control) your erotic energy, so you can learn to last longer.

Slow arousal is best. The goal of your first Tantra session, with me, is the opportunity to experience a full-body cellular orgasm with delayed ejaculation.

At the end of your Male Male Multiples Makeover / Tantric Kinkassage session, we will chat about your experience.

Before you leave to go home, I will teach you my Male Multiples home play masturbation practice, and ask you to return to see me, for your second session, in one months time.



FAQ Tantric Massage BrisbaneI am so embarrassed, I have had problems with premature ejaculation, for quite a while.  I am really concerned that I will not last in my session.

Jerry 2-October 2011

FAQ TANTRIC MASSAGE BRISBANEThere are many men, suffering in silence, with the embarrassment of premature ejaculation.  It is extremely common male complaint, that I hear about often.  I actually have several doctors, who refer their male patients to me, for lasting longer coaching and education.  Recently, I had a doctor travel from the Gold Coast, on his rostered day off, to experience one of my Tantric Male Multiple Makeover sessions.

All I can say, is take a leap of faith, and book a beginners session with me.  A 90 minute, or 2 hour session, is the best option, for men with who suffer premature ejaculation.  I will teach you how to enjoy a longer arousal. The goal of your first, lasting longer session, is the opportunity to experience, a full-body cellular orgasm with delayed ejaculation.

At the end of your session, we will chat about your experience and newly found confidence.

Before you leave to go home, I will teach you my Lasting Longer home play masturbation practice, and ask you to return to see me for your second session, in one months time.



FAQ Tantric Massage BrisbaneI previously have received a Tantra massage from a ‘high profile’ provider, however, I was left feeling disappointed after spending $180.

I was introduced to the concept of relaxation and breathing, and the theory of how to delay ejaculation, however in this session, I only received a back massage with no genital touching or stimulation and no happy ending.

My happy ending was completely ignored, and I was told if I came back, for a level two session, then it would happen. I have been reluctant, to go back to a Tantric Massage provider, as I was very disappointed.  Andy, 6-August-2011

FAQ TANTRIC MASSAGE BRISBANEI have heard this feedback, many times from my male clients.  This type of Tantric appointment, does leave a man feeling conned out of his hard earned money!  It is sad that you experienced, a Tantric session, with no intimate touching!

Honestly, all men who wish to experience, a full-body cellular orgasm, require slow and teasing sensual touch. Men want results, on their first Tantric session.

I am a straight shooter with facts.  I am extremely good at what I do. Your decision!



FAQ Tantric Massage BrisbaneThis is my first time. Can I take some pills, that will delay ejaculation? To be clear, I ejaculate very quickly, and I want to enjoy the whole Tantra experience with you.  Ticklu, 4-August-2011

FAQ TANTRIC MASSAGE BRISBANETo experience a full-body cellular orgasm, with delayed ejaculation, an adult male needs to feel his arousal building in his genitals, as he learns to last longer.

Viagra and Cialis, dulls feeling and sensitivity to the penis, and it can be difficult for a male to reach, an intense enough frequency of arousal, to achieve a full-body cellular orgasm.

So the answer is “NO”. Please do not take any pills that dull the sensitivity to the penis.



FAQ Tantric Massage BrisbaneI can’t maintain a hard-on.

Donald, 1-June-2014


FAQ TANTRIC MASSAGE BRISBANEA hard penis, is NOT necessary to experience erotic relaxation, with a slow happy ending. The only problem, with lack of / or loss of erection, is the negative self-talk going on inside a man’s head.  Brain chatter can ruin any males sexual experience! Do check out my webpage Erectile Dysfunction / Rejuvenation – Click Here    



FAQ Tantric Massage BrisbaneDo tell me the age, of the oldest male, who you have taught to have a full-body cellular orgasm? Steve 25-December-2015


FAQ TANTRIC MASSAGE BRISBANEThe oldest man I have coached into a full-body cellular orgasm with delayed ejaculation, was an 85 year old farmer from out West.  He did NOT have an erection at all during his session, but by golly, he did have one hell of a great full-body orgasm!  He left my studio, with a smile all over his face, saying “I wish someone had of taught that to me 65 years ago!” 



FAQ Tantric Massage BrisbaneMy name is Keith and I am 60 years old.  I was directed to your website by a confidant.  A few years ago I had a prostate operation, and now I do not ejaculate externally.  This seems to have taken a lot of pleasure from my orgasms.  Even though I go through the motions, my orgasms are not as intense as I remember.

I have been looking at your website and wondering if one of your Kinkassage sessions may help me? I still have and want a fairly active sex life, but I just don’t enjoy my orgasms as much.

From reading your website information, I have probably never had a really ‘intense’ orgasm.  Do you think things can be improved for me under your guidance?  It all sounds, too good, to be true!  Cheers Keith – by Email 26-Oct.-2011


FAQ TANTRIC MASSAGE BRISBANEHello Keith, yes I can help you to achieve a more intense orgasm.

You may be interested to know that, I do have a male client who is in his 60’s from far West Brisbane.  This gentleman has had his prostate removed because of prostate cancer.  He has so far visited me five times.  On his last appointment he experienced a 30 minute orgasm while laying on his stomach enjoying my Rosebud Relaxation and then I turned him over on his back and his orgasm continued for another 15 minutes with further stimulation.  It was an awesome appointment for me to witness.

Any male, can be taught Tantric skills to awaken his body to experience full-body orgasm.  Think of it like upgrading your body’s orgasmic vibration / frequency, from a 4 cylinder car engine, into Turbo mode and 12 cylinders! Stop chugging along, when your male body can learn to sky rocket!

I would recommend a 90 minute male multiples session.



FAQ Tantric Massage BrisbaneWhat is the quickest way to book an erotic relaxation session with you?

Josh 28-May-2015

FAQ TANTRIC MASSAGE BRISBANEI get many calls and texts to my mobile on a daily basis.   The quickest way to book an appointment with me is to text my mobile phone with…


  1. Your NAME
  2. The DATE of your appointment
  3. The TIME of your appointment
  4. How LONG do you want to book in for?

I don’t answer my mobile phone while I am giving an erotic relaxation session. I also don’t have an assistant, to book my appointments.  I will return your call with either a phone call or if I am flat out, I will send you a text message.

I apologize, in advance, if you can’t get though to me personally on my mobile phone.  I do get extremely busy, and if possible, 24 hours notice is best, to book an erotic relaxation session with me. However, with saying that, it is always best to ask if I have had a cancellation, and you may be able to schedule your appointment on the same day. It is well worth a try!



FAQ Tantric Massage BrisbaneDo you have shower facilities?

Mike 1-January-2015

FAQ TANTRIC MASSAGE BRISBANEPlease come showered and clean to your appointment.  If that is not possible, you can have a shower before and after, your erotic relaxation session.



FAQ Tantric Massage BrisbaneI was unable to call and cancel my appointment with you?

Pete 30-June-2015

FAQ TANTRIC MASSAGE BRISBANEPlease provide me with as much notice, as possible, if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment with me.

If you do not show for your appointment, I will log you into my mobile phone, as a “No Show”.  I will never, ever, give you another chance to see me for one of my erotic relaxation sessions!



FAQ Tantric Massage BrisbaneI just want a relaxing, sensual body rub with a happy ending.

Ken 29-September-2015 

FAQ TANTRIC MASSAGE BRISBANEThat’s okay.  You can book in with me for 30 minutes, 45 minute or 60 minutes sensual erotic relaxation. See Kinkassage click here




FAQ Tantric Massage BrisbaneWhat certificates do you hold?

Wilbur 7-July-2015

FAQ TANTRIC MASSAGE BRISBANEDo click on the following link to read more about me and my qualifications. Click here




FAQ Tantric Massage BrisbaneDo you have many regular clients?

Bob 26-October-2015

FAQ TANTRIC MASSAGE BRISBANEYes, it really blows my mind, thinking about the number of regular clients I have return to my erotic relaxation studio every month. I have been working as an erotic relaxation professional since 2005. I have a bubbly, friendly and passionate Italian personality.  I have a positive attitude, I enjoy talking to men and being in their company.  I also see singles and couples, of all genders, and I have a sex positive attitude.



FAQ Tantric Massage BrisbaneAre you pretty, what is your description?

Luke, 28-November-2014 .

FAQ TANTRIC MASSAGE BRISBANEI am a very pretty and curvaceous, size 14, blonde, Australian / Italian lady of 43 years. I have a creamy, wrinkle free complexion.  I am 164cm’s tall or 5’4 if you’re an older gent.


FAQ Tantric Massage Brisbane


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