Yoni Orgasmic Mapping Brisbane

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 Yoni Orgasmic Mapping Brisbane

A session of Yoni Whisperer “Orgasmic Mapping” Bodywork, with Aleena, can be extremely healing, relaxing and orgasmically blissful for a woman.

Holistic and sensual Yoni Bodywork, can assist a female to enter into a down-regulated meditative state on consciousness. In a deep relaxed state of being, like an blossoming flower, a woman’s body can open into elevated dimensions of unbelievable orgasmic potential.

Awakening the female genitals and pelvic cavity with specialized Yoni Whisperer Bodywork can assist a women to tap into her dormant sexual energy, also known as Kundalini energy.

Yoni Orgasmic Mapping BrisbaneA Yoni Whisperer “Orgasmic Mapping” (advanced) session explores external vulva and internal vaginal stimulation and awakening of the K-Spot, R-Spot, Spiral Spot, C-Spot, A-Spot, G-Spot, Pubic & G-Spot blended Clitoral orgasm.

The main focus, of a Yoni Bodywork session, is expanding pleasure into other parts of the female genitals, where the focus is not purely concentrated on the clitoris.

Squirting is always welcome in a Yoni Bodywork session.


Yoni Orgasmic Mapping Brisbane


Yoni Orgasmic Mapping Brisbane

My Yoni Orgasmic Mapping Bodywork session designed for women who have completed at least three Yoni “Awakening” Bodywork sessions.Click here to go to that Web Page.

An advanced Yoni Bodywork session, is all about sensually stimulating the Yoni (vulva, clitoris & vagina) to find the different places, internally & externally where a woman can feel pleasure. Because of the media’s main focus on the clitoris, many women’s orgasms are strictly clitoris focused.

A Yoni Bodywork session, with my exclusive Kinkassage® relaxation, offers a woman the opportunity to experience other varied & different types of external and internal vaginal orgasms.

It is very important for a woman to feel completely relaxed, and able to surrender, while laying on my Kinkassage® massage table. It is my hope that, after three initial Yoni Awakening Bodywork sessions have been completed, that your female body is able to fully let go, relax, forget about your day, and feel pleasure in different parts of your vulva and vagina, pleasure that you may have never felt or experienced before!

A Yoni Orgasmic Mapping Bodywork session explores vaginal stimulation and awakening of the K-Spot, R-Spot, Spiral Spot, C-Spot, A-Spot, G-Spot, Pubic, Clitoris and G-Spot/Clitoral. The focus of your Orgasmic Mapping Bodywork session is to expand, circulate and intensify your orgasmic potential, awakening your female pleasure, where the focus is not concentrated purely on the Clitoris.




Yoni Whisperer Bodywork with Aleena AspleyAt the beginning of your session we will begin with a chat and a hot or cold drink. We will discuss how you are feeling after your previous Yoni Awakening Bodywork sessions. I will ask you about your orgasmic embodiment home practices and how you are progressing. Once again, we will set boundaries before your session, to create a safe space in which your female body can surrender to touch, release stress and safely stay fully present and in the moment. When you are ready to begin your session, I will ask you to go to the toilet and then disrobe and lay face down on my Kinkassage® massage table.

At the beginning of your session, I will place my hands over your heart and base chakra’s, staying open and still, while caring and calming energy flows from my hands and into your body. During your session I will coach you with guided breathing and relaxation utilizing my holistic Kinkassage®, Sexological Bodywork, Shamanic De-armouring, Tantric & Taoist principles.

Yoni Orgasmic Mapping Brisbane

Your COMFORT and sense of SAFETY is of utmost importance to me and starting face down is a very safe and nurturing position. Your session will go at the speed which you are most comfortable, it will be un-rushed and you will need to allow at least two hours, to fully experience your Yoni Orgasmic Mapping Bodywork session.

Once again, you will receive a relaxing Kinkassage® bodywork experience while lying face down and then you will turn over and receive relaxing sensual touch face up. Your Kinkassage relaxation session will go slowly and I will coach you to breathe, be present and surrender into the moment.

Female Erotic Relaxation BrisbaneAfter your relaxation bodywork, I will begin your external vulva bodywork and just like your previous sessions, with me, your Yoni Orgasmic Bodywork session will flow into internal Yoni holistic bodywork.

Your session is geared towards experiencing different types of vaginal orgasms and you will have a chance to feel stimulation of the K-Spot, R-Spot, Spiral Spot, C-Spot, A-Spot, G-Spot, Pubic, Clitoris and G-Spot/Clitoral blended orgasm. All Yoni Orgasmic Mapping Bodywork sessions, are based on feeling vaginal orgasm, instead of purely focusing on clitoral stimulation and play.

It is my intention to begin with a small orgasm and then build up the intensity of each orgasm that you experience. I will coach you how to expand your orgasmic energy into every cell of your body, so your Yoni Orgasmic Mapping Bodywork session can flow into multiple Luminous Energy Orgasms.

At the end of your session, I will cover you with a blanket and allow you to relax, re-coup and I will hold space for you while you come back into the here and now. We will have a chat about how you are feeling, I will give you ideas about your home play orgasmic practice while you have a glass of water.

I have shower facilities, if you would like to have a shower before you go home.

As you leave, I will walk you to your car.


Yoni Orgasmic Mapping Brisbane


  • Kinkassage® Duality Relaxation Bodywork
  • Yoni Orgasmic Mapping Bodywork to awaken full-body bliss & pleasure
  • Yoni Orgasmic Mapping so you can find your K-Spot, R-Spot, Spiral Spot, C-Spot, A-Spot, G-Spot, Pubic & the finalé a G-Spot / Clitoral expansive blended orgasm.
  • Yoni Orgasmic Mapping Bodywork to assist awakening female squirting, if that is your goal
  • Personalized Pleasure Coaching
  • Breathing exercises to move arousal and awaken sexual energy pathways
  • Sensate touch bodywork
  • Learning to be present while relaxed into the moment
  • Experiencing Sub-Space
  • Learning to ask for what you want
  • Shamanic buttock and body de-Armoring
  • Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage
  • Whole body vibration for Chakra activation
  • Pudendal nerve awakening to bring pleasure ALIVE!
  • Pelvic nerve and Vegas nerve activation
  • Awakening of over 15,000 nerves in the pelvic cavity
  • Heightened ecstatic states of consciousness
  • Home Play – Personalized Embodiment Home Practice
  • A positive and safe experience
  • Yoni Orgasmic Mapping Bodywork is a holistic sexual healing session designed by Aleena Aspley Australia and Kinkassage®
  • Kinkassage® is a Registered Trademark of Aleena Aspley Australia


Yoni Orgasmic Mapping Brisbane


PLEASE NOTE: to book a Yoni Orgasmic Bodywork session, you must have completed THREE Yoni Whisperer Awakening Bodywork sessions Click here to go to that Web Page.

  • Session One: 2 Hours $400 
  • Session Two: 2 Hours $400 
  • Session Three: 2 Hours $450 Try my Domination Kinkassage®
  • Book & Pay in advance for 3 sessions $950 (Save $300)






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Availabiltiy: Monday to Friday 9am to 9pm

Book early, as I limit the number of appointments I book each week.




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I just wanted to say thanks again for the amazing experience and world you have introduced me to. When you said it could bring things up you were certainly right, it has been a long couple of confronting weeks and i am finally getting back on track.I have written a feedback for your personal website but can’t seem to post it anywhere so i have popped it in here so you can copy and paste it onto your website if you like.

“Wow, forget the massage boutiques that cost anywhere up to $500 for an hour, my unique Yoni Massage was reasonably priced and the most sensational experience I have ever had both emotionally, physically and mentally!”

I have really struggled to write a review for the Yoni massage as I didn’t want it to sound corny or over dramatic… BUT the Yoni massage I received, a couple of weeks ago off Aleena, through the Kinkassage website was incredible, I felt free, powerful and sensational for the hours following our session.

I originally booked out of interest to learn an art form about my body and how to please myself and feel sexy again after a nasty separation, desire and intrigue. I was treated with the utmost respect and massaged by the hands of a real professional with the touch and guidance of an angel.

Aleena opened boundaries that I have held guarded for most of my adult life and she has released emotions that I believed I had buried and forgotten. Weeks on, I am sexually free and released the blockages that had been holding me back in and out of the bedroom.

I would highly recommend booking a Yoni massage, anything from the Kinkassage line and I personally will definitely be going back for more, especially for a couple’s session.

The human body is such a beautiful and sensual creation, Aleena knows the ins and outs and makes the experience one that you will never forget… One for the bucket list, thank you Aleena for everything you have done for my soul inside and out.

Namaste, Mandy, QLD 11/3/15

Yoni Orgasmic Mapping Brisbane


Thanks Q for my Yoni Kinkassage Orgasmic Mapping session yesterday. I felt so comfortable right from the start with Q. Nothing like strong and experienced hands for a Yoni massage …Wow!.. I experienced an all over body orgasm, you just have to experience to believe, along with more intense orgasms, to top off a most satisfying experience.

Thank you so much Q.   Miss T (Yoni Orgasmic Bodywork 21/9/16)

Yoni Orgasmic Mapping Brisbane

Yoni Orgasmic Mapping Brisbane