About Me Aleena Aspley

ABOUT ME ALEENA ASPLEY — an experienced and dedicated practitioner in the realms of sensual exploration and Tantric practices, brings a wealth of knowledge to guide individuals and couples on transformative journeys of pleasure, connection, and self-discovery. With a passion for creating safe and consensual spaces, Aleena’s expertise encompasses a diverse range of sensual modalities, making her a trusted guide for those seeking to explore the depths of intimacy and pleasure.




About Me Aleena AspleyI am a Cert. Sexological Bodyworker aka Somatic Sexologist, Somatic Sex Educator, NEO Tantra Intimacy & Relationship Coach, creatress of Chakrassage and my trademark Kinkassage®.

I have an intuitive and diverse knowledge of Tantric / Taoist & Shamanic bodywork techniques. My studio in North Brisbane is welcoming and private. I respect your confidentiality and I would be honoured to meet you in person, to discuss your desire to improve your confidence in the bedroom.

I am a mature and positive lady, I’m very easy to talk to and you will find me extremely passionate about my chosen vocation in the field of sexology.

I am open to privately coaching singles and couples of all genders and sexual orientations.

In October 2010, I trained as a Somatic Sexologist (Sexological Bodyworker) with Joseph Kramer, Ellen Heed and Deej Juventin from The New School of Erotic Touch.

Sexological Bodywork is somatic, sex education that assists individuals, couples and groups of all genders to deepen their experience of embodiment. The word “somatic” comes from the Greek word “somatikos”, meaning living, aware, of the body. Somatics recognizes that the body and mind are not separate entities. They are part of a living process.

Another significant Tantra training experience was with Barbara Carrelas, “Urban Tantra Professional Practitioner Course”, October 2012.



About Me Aleena Aspley


  • Certified Sexological Bodyworker/Somatic Sexologist USA 2010
  • Nearly 20 years NEO Tantric bodywork experience 
  • Owner of Kinkassage® – Sensual Adventurous & Erotic Adult Massage
  • Owner of Chakrassage – Luminous Energy Auric Orgasms
  • Owner of Yoni Whisperer Bodywork – Prof Practitioner Training
  • Owner of Lingam Whisperer Bodywork – Prof Practitioner Training
  • Male Multiples Mastery Luminous Energy Orgasms Ejac.Choice
  • Female Multiples Makeover The Multi-Orgasmic Women
  • Orgasmic Mastery 101 One-On-One Couples Personalized Workshops
  • Kinesiology (N.O.T. 1,2 &3) Trevor Savage 2019
  • Past Life Regression Hypnosis Therapy with Tony Collins 2018
  • Hypnosis Tad James July 2018
  • Tibetian Reiki Gavin van Vuuren November 2017
  • Unleash Your Pleasure Power with Eyal Matsliah July 2017
  • Awakening Female Pleasure Workshop Eyal Matsliah July 2017
  • Access Consciousness “The Bars” April 2017
  • Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage with Sarina Stone 2016
  • Radical Wholeness Course with Philip Shepherd 2016
  • Crystal Awakening Foundation Course Rachelle Charman 2015
  • Crystal Awakening Intermediate Course Rachelle Charman 2015
  • Energy Healing 7 Day Personalized Intensive Jason Hairston 2015
  • Shamanic Quodoushka Q1 & Q2 Graduate, March 2014
  • Certified Doreen Virtue Angel Card Intuitive 2013
  • Urban Tantra Professional Training with Barbara Carrelas 2012
  • Certificate in Lomi Lomi Hawaiian relaxation 2011
  • Certified Bondassage Practitioner 2011
  • Shamanic Training with Kenneth Ray Stubbs 2011
  • Dakini Course with Triambica 2011 USA
  • Andrew Barnes-Awakening Within Institute – Energy Orgasms 2011
  • Sexological Bodyworker Certificate 2010
  • Certified Reiki 1&2 2010
  • Certified Theta Healer 2010
  • Certified ENAR Practitioner 2005
  • Certified Reflexology Certificate 1996
  • Lifeline Telephone Befriender 1996
  • Les Mills PUMP Instructor Training 1995
  • Certificate in Human movement as a Fitness Trainer 1988


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Certified Sexological Bodyworkers with official certification have undergone training as somatic sexologists, and their certification is authorized by the State of California. Our focus lies in providing experiential learning avenues that intentionally tap into deep states of ecstasy and eroticism.

Our educational approach encompasses a range of instructional methods, such as breathwork, attentive listening, genital de-armoring, pelvic release bodywork, trauma release, remediation of scar tissue, and coaching in Orgasmic Yoga.

What is a Sexological Bodyworker Click Here.



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