HIV Cure Alert – A Second person cured of HIV, could it be true?

HIV Cure Alert

A cure alert about HIV written by Aleena Aspley, Brisbane Queensland Australia

HIV Cure Alert

On the 30th January 2019, the journal Nature published an article about a second person who is considered cured of HIV. With this in mind, this new research, is shedding light, on a way to measure what is considered an inactive form of the virus, that rests hidden in people’s cells.

This second patient, aka the “London Patient“, had a form of cancer and received a treatment involving chemotherapy to wipe out his immune system and replace it, via a stem cell transplant, with non-malignant donor cells. In both cases, the donor cells also carried an added benefit: a genetic mutation that leads to HIV immunity.

HIV Cure Alert

To date the London Patient has been in remission for 18 months and has since stopped taking antiretroviral drugs. This is really impressive news, and it certainly raises hopes of a cure for Aids which affects close to 37 million people from around the world.

At this time, only one single person is believed to have been cured of the HIV virus.  An American, Timothy Ray Brown, aka the Berlin Patient,” had HIV for more than a decade, until two stem cell transplants in 2007 and 2008 cleared it from his body.

HIV Cure Alert

HIV Cure alert

Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has cautioned the results of the new study and says “We really need to wait longer to see if this really is the second ‘cure.’”

With this in mind, many doctors can’t agree on what an HIV cure means?  Some experts are touting that The London Patient is “cured” in interviews. For now, the study offers a glimmer of hope that new approaches to treating HIV may be effective.

HIV Cure Alert

HIV Cure AlertAs I write this article, it is estimated that HIV has killed around 35 million people. Researchers have also made remarkable progress, against the virus, by having people tested and diagnosed quickly, while also uncovering effective treatments that allow those with HIV to live long, relatively healthy lives.

While doctors and scientists have been researching a cure for HIV, the public health system has also raised awareness about prevention, reminding people to practice safe sex with condoms and get tested, and that early HIV treatment can save lives.

HIV Cure Alert

HIV Cure Alert

HIV Cure Alert

HIV Cure Alert – An article written by Aleena Aspley on 6th March 2019

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

HIV Cure Alert

HIV Cure Alert

FIGHT-OR-FLIGHT Stress-Mediated Physiological Response


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Tantric Path Enlightenment

Tantric Path EnlightenmentThe Tantric path to enlightenment, is a path for discovering our true nature; a path of the heart. It shows us the way of living meditation, an opportunity to awaken fully, accepting ourselves and what arises in us in each moment without judgment and in doing so, become more joyful and compassionate beings.

Tantric breath work helps us become aware of our senses, what we are feeling, and the movement of our body and breath. Our bodies are a channel for the flow of life energy within us. Becoming sensitive to that flow inside ourselves is the beginning of the Tantra Journey.

The Tantric path to enlightenment, is about learning to live with what is; The intense, blissful, frightening weaving of life, every moment a ritual, an opportunity to escape, or a chance to fall more in love, Tantra teaches that even questioning the practice is a part of the whole experience of life, and therefore the divine. In its essence, it is a profound awareness of the activity of being, where the journey is the destination.

I invite you to join me on this beautiful journey.


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Tantric Path Enlightenment

Tantric Path Enlightenment

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Erotic Spanking is Fun

Erotic Spanking is Fun Brisbane Queensland with Aleena Aspley Somatic Sexologist

The fine line between pleasure and painArticle by Aleena Aspley 1st July 2014

Erotic Spanking is Fun

EROTIC SPANKING is a fun activity to add to foreplay and when making love. If you search the internet you will find stacks of articles and scientific write-ups as to why erotic spanking should be incorporated into a healthy sex life. Why not introduce erotic spanking into your bedroom repertoire and give a whole new meaning to having your lover in the palm of your hand?



Erotic Spanking Believe it or not, in many cultures pain is seen as an aphrodisiac. With that being said, spanking can be pleasureable for both the giver and the receiver. Most men will fantasise about sensually slapping their woman and yes, some women dream of the same too. Whilst men tend to enjoy the control and dominance of the spanking act, women generally love the feeling of vulnerability and submission towards their man.



Chrissy Amphlett’s song “There is a fine line between pleasure and pain” really sums up erotic spanking.  I personally love playing on the fine line that exists between pleasure and pain sensations and with the right erotic spanking technique, it can be difficult to identify if something hurts, or if it actually feels great



Dopamine is one of the secret erotic spanking ingredients to an ecstatic orgasmic experience with your lover. Dopamine is a hormone that plays a number of important roles in the human body. Dopamine makes us feel happy and dopamine, is also active in the body’s chemical reactions that make us feel pain, which is why erotic spanking – a perfect combination of the two – is such an arousing addition to foreplay and love-making.



Erotic SpankingThe posterior is a prime erogenous zone and the sexual arousal nerves in the bottom are buried in a layer of fat that requires harder stimulation. Erotic spanking, is the ideal way to awaken the extensive nerve structure in the pelvis, to trigger a far superior orgasm. Spanking creates an amazing physiological response; the stinging of the skin increases blood flow to the bottom, pelvic cavity and nearby genitals, thus accomplishing “mechanically” what caresses and kisses do psychologically. Why not introduce erotic spanking into your bedroom foreplay repertoire, a sharp slap to the derriere actually increases blood flow and, as a result, builds arousal to supersonic possibilities.


Erotic spanking is a form of foreplay and orgasm is the goal of both players. Therefore, the actual spanks should be mixed with caresses and gentle rubbing of the bottom and genitalia, and other foreplay if possible. The slightly cupped palm with fingers together in the best way to spank, as it makes a good smacking sound and reddens the skin without causing excessive pain. If your partner seems to be unmoved by such spanks, you can give a few with a flat palm and spread (relaxed) fingers — those are the stingiest — until your lover squirms or responds.


A slow tempo, with an irregular rhythm, is the best technique, as the moments of anticipation between each stroke add to the tension and your partner’s excitement. Sensual erotic spanking is outrageously effective If your lover cannot tell when the next stroke might fall. Remember, slow down and take your time. It is not the number of spanks, or how hard or soft they are delivered, that brings your lover to elevated states of arousal, it is how long and how deeply your lover drops into sublime submissive helplessness and the total sexual stimulation of their bottom that is the key.


Erotic SpankingIf you would like to add more pleasure, while you are being spanked, then I suggest introducing clitoral and/or vaginal stimulation with a vibrator or dildo. Men also love having their penis and balls teased and titillated when they surrender into erotic spanking pleasure. Also, if you want to have a rest between spanks, a vibrator to the derriere can sooth, spread and enhance sexual pleasure.

erotic spankingSAFETY

  • Never spank anywhere other than the bottom and upper thighs
  • Use a safe word and stop instantly when it is spoken
  • Make sure the skin is properly cared for after a spanking by using a cool moisturiser such as aloe vera gel.


Erotic spanking is the perfect way for couples to ease themselves into the delights of beginners BDSM. Sharing these kinds of experiences and each assuming a submissive or dominant role (or alternating between the two should you so wish) helps build trust in your relationship while at the same time pushing fun and excitement to the extreme.


Ms Aleena Aspley love DominationArticle by Aleena Aspley 1st July 2014

ANORGASMIA TREATMENT – the inability to feel Male Orgasm


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Desk Jobs and a Natural Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Desk Job Erectile Dysfunction

Desk Job Erectile Dysfunction – An Article written by Emma of “Abandon your Inhibitions” 3rd May 2014

Desk Job Erectile DysfunctionContrary to popular belief, erectile dysfunction is not a normal by product of age itself, but definitely can result from decades at a desk job. Why? Sitting for so long can compress blood vessels in the groin, precisely those that supply blood to the penis! So in a private session, I demonstrate stretching and use some techniques with bodywork to loosen the abductors and other areas in need of improved circulation.

 So many sexologists like myself who do bodywork know about the importance of unconstricted blood vessels in the groin and thighs, but in an age driven by pharmaceutical cures, there isn’t a lot of media about how simple techniques can have such a powerful effect on erections!

Therefore, I was thrilled to read about how some clever scientists have developed a new type of bike saddle that they say could reduce the risk of impotence.

It seems that desk jobs are NOT the only culprits. Cycling regularly can also compress blood vessels in the groin. One article I read quoted a trial of male cyclists, in which the blood supply to the penis was reduced by 70 per cent.

Apparently, this research suggests that riding a bike for more than three hours may increase the risk of developing erectile dysfunction and prostatis (inflamed prostate). So some innovators in Spain are developing a bike saddle to alleviate potential blood flow restrictions, by allowing the front of the seat to be dropped to relieve pressure on the groin.

Desk Job Erectile DysfunctionThis leads me to ask the obvious question, since the Spanish researchers did not: what about all those men sitting for most of the day? Should there not be an ergonomically designed seat whose purpose it is to keep the blood flowing down there?


And beyond that, what else can be done retroactively to rectify the toll taken on blood vessels and penile blood flow?

Sometimes, it is simply some bodywork which helps improve blood flow in this area. A recent client of mine in his late 50s was amazed by the results after just one session.

Desk Job Erectile Dysfunction

Luckily, there are a few exercises that can be done at home:

1. Lie on your back and pull your knee to your chest as far as you can; hold for at least 30 seconds. If you can pull your leg in further do so and continue to hold. Do each leg.

2. As you lie with your knee to your chest, you can then move it towards the floor across your straight leg. Attempt to keep the opposite shoulder on the floor. Do each leg.

3. A nice massage of the inner thighs (adductors) for several minutes each, really kneading your flesh from your far inner groin and down your inner thigh halfway to your knee.

4. Massage your groin around your pubic mound and even around your lower abdomen. There is a muscle in there called the psoas and the iliopsoas on which your pelvic structure is hinged, and this muscle also has big implications for blood flow. An abdominal massage is particularly useful, but at the very least, the lower abdomen and pelvis can be massaged.

5. Deep breathing whilst doing this, into your belly, can assist in bringing oxygenation into your bloodstream and throughout your body, which is great for health and supports full erectile function.

Let me know how you go! Article by Emma of “Abandon your Inhibitions” 3rd May 2014





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Desk Job Erectile Dysfunction