A Man with TWO Dicks ???

Two DicksThis is an unbelievable story! I am an erotic masseuse and this gentleman would be fun to work with, however a challenge at the same time with his šŸ™‚ ending!

PENIS ENVY – Most guys are hung up on the size of their John Thomas, whether their Trouser Snake is straight or Bent etc. Ā The man in this story would probably make most men envious.

“DoubleDickDude” (not his legal name) is a man who was born with Diphallia, a rare condition where a male infant is born with two penises. If you want to see photos of what Diphallia looks like on a grown man, DoubleDickDude has provided them and, obviously, they areĀ NSFW. Here they areĀ flaccidĀ and here they areĀ erect.