One of my GREATEST Learning Experiences!

Male Cellular Multiple OrgasmOne of the greatest learning experiences, for me, has been watching the progress of one of my regular clients (lets call him Pete) who has booked a one hour session, once a month, since 2008. Do the math…I have seen him for a stack of sessions. 

In the beginning of my career, when I was still tweaking my Tantric techniques, it took me eight sessions to get Pete into a continuous whole-body cellular orgasm.  At the end of Pete’s hour session, we would then have a chat to bring Pete back down into his body and then he would ejaculate before he left my studio. The reason why, it took 8 sessions to get Pete into a continuous cellular orgasm, was because Pete would not make any sound, out of his mouth, during his initial  beginner Tantra sessions.

Fast forward into 2010 and Pete said one day “you know, my partner is complaining that I am lasting too long.  She thinks, she is not turning me on, because I am taking so long to ejaculate.”

I say “ok, what’s happening?”

Pete says “well I am having the best f*cking orgasms on the planet, that’s what’s happening.” Multi-orgasmic Pete, in my presence at my Tantra studio, was now multi-orgasmic at home with his partner.  Pete’s partner unfortunately happens to be one of those ladies who say “climb on Pete and get it over with”. What a dilemma indeed!

Over the past six years, Pete’s regular monthly sessions have been a considerable learning experiences for me, and, since 2008, every time I see Pete for a Tantra session, I facilitate his orgasmic potential up another notch…so to speak.

MY MOTTO – The orgasmic potential of human beings is INFINITE !!!

MY LIFE’S GOAL – Once I witnessed my first male multiple orgasm, way back in 2005, it has been my life purpose to tell the world about the potential of male multiple orgasm with delayed or no ejaculation.

WITNESSED – I have been in the presence of many males who are able to orgasm in waves, for 30 minutes and longer, and then ejaculate later if they want to.


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