Hello my name is Aleena Aspley, I love working with men and exploring male multiple orgasm, lasting longer and dimensions of orgasmic consciousness, that the average adult male, on this planet, never gets to experience, EVER, in his life-time!

Tantra MassageMY BACKGROUND: I have been working with Australian males, and men from all over the world, as an erotic relaxation therapist, for nearly 10 years.  During that time I have discovered male sexual secrets and Tantric erotic touch techniques that can explode the average male orgasm into minutes and hours of cellular full-body enjoyment.


Have you ever considered… “IF YOU TAKE “EJACULATION” AWAY FROM THE MALE ORGASM, then do you think men could orgasm for minutes and hours without losing their erection?

Think about it for just a moment, let it sink in….”at the point of no return, if your male body did not ejaculate and if you did not lose your erection, would you consider the possibility that your male body could keep orgasming?”

I’m talking about wave after wave of orgasm – just like female multiple orgasm AND THE ANSWER IS YES…!!!  

I am not kidding you, it is TRUE that men can experience multiple orgasm after orgasm, with no ejaculation, just like a female.  It is extremely easy to teach and it is my passion to teach as many red blooded men on the planet as I can.


Unfortunately, nature does not care how long the male orgasm lasts, as long as a male ejaculates when he has an orgasm.  It is all about procreation.  Think of orgasm as a frequency that could be measured.  If at the point of no return, the male genitals reach a set frequency and/or measurement of arousal, then the male body has a 5-15 second orgasm and ejaculates.  The annoying fact, is that once a man ejaculates, he loses his erection and so to continue intercourse there is a delayed period until his erection returns. Damn annoying isn’t it !!!

So if you had the opportunity…

  • are you able to imagine how happy your partner would be if you could last for an hour, with a rock hard erection, experiencing orgasm after orgasm?
  • could you imagine your significant other, begging you to slow down and just hug because they can not handle with any more orgasms?
  • what do you think sex could be like if you did not have to do any control tactics to last longer?
  • if you already have hot techniques in the bedroom, imagine taking your love making skills into guru status?
  • consider no delay period waiting for an erection to return?
  • imagine no performance anxiety!
  • NO worries about premature ejaculation!
  • fantasise now, about your partner smiling from ear to ear, completely satisfied
  • would you like to learn to become a Multi-Orgasmic man?
  • Of course, you want to learn to become multi-orgasmic!!!



  • www.MaleMultiples.com
  • $350 – 90 Minutes Hands on Coaching
  • $450 – 2 Hours Hands on Coaching (Longer Arousal+++)
  • Home Play 
  • You will be given, an Orgasmic Yoga Masturbation Home Play outline, to take home at the end of your session to further advance your multi-orgasmic skills.


Ms Aleena Aspley

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Availabiltiy: Monday to Friday to 9pm

Aleena Aspley

PLEASE NOTE: If you are unable to contact me on my mobile phone then do please sms my mobile with your appointment details and request that I call you back. When I am with a client I do not answer my mobile phone.

BY APPOINTMENT: I am available Monday to Friday to 9pm. To book your appointment quickly, do SMS my mobile phone.

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