Matt is now a Multi-Orgasmic Man

Matt is now a Multi-Orgasmic Man

Matt is now Multi-Orgasmic Yay!An extremely successful two hour session today with Matt 23yo of the Gold Coast. Matt came to see me today to learn new skills in the bedroom, especially learning to last longer and experiencing a full-body cellular orgasm.

At the beginning of Matt’s session we discussed male arousal, the difference between a genital orgasm and a full-body cellular orgasm, breath techniques to feel embodied and enjoy a longer arousal and how Matt’s session would be structured so that he could experience a longer, more intense orgasm with delayed ejaculation.

I explained to Matt, how orgasm and ejaculation are two separate functions of the male body and that the male body can orgasm, for lengthy periods of time, with delayed ejaculation.

Matt’s energy was amazing – young and virile.  He actively wanted to learn and he was willing to follow my coaching with 100% effort.  Matt followed my breathing techniques to the letter and moved his hips and moaned his erotic energy upwards (which is hard to get Australian men to do).

The session was extremely successful with Matt experiencing a more intense, longer orgasm and then ejaculation.

Matt is now a Multi-Orgasmic Man

Matt’s testimonial – That was fantastic.  I felt tingling and more feeling in my upper body than I have ever experienced before.  Even though I had a full-body orgasm, I wasn’t sure if I ejaculated?  Usually I have a quick 10 second orgasm and blow. Amazing!

Orgasmic Yoga (Masturbation Home Practice) – Matt left my studio with a masturbation outline to practice at home.  If Matt followings my O’Yoga home practice to the letter, he will start enjoying one orgasm after another.  It will then be Matt’s decision if he wants to ejaculate when he experiences full-body cellular orgasms when he routinely masturbates.  (from 28Aug13)