Negatives My Sexy Career

Negatives my Sexy Career, Kinkassage, Somatic Sex Education/Coaching and how I’m committed to stay on my own sex positive career path by Aleena Aspley Australia.

THE POSITIVES AND NEGATIVES OF MY SEXY CAREER — a blog by Somatic Sexologist, Aleena Aspley

Negatives My Sexy CareerHi my name is Aleena and I have come to terms with the small minded attitudes of people, regarding my Sexy career.

I am an educated Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Sexologist, Sex Educator, Intimacy Coach and NEO Tantra Professional. I talk, teach, coach and give hands-on-consentual and holistic bodywork to people of all genders. 


My Rant…

Firstly, I am very proud of my sexy career choice and I am very good at what I do!

YES, I don’t mind tooting my own horn

However, over the past 18 years, I have had to put my big girl panties on and decide that I am on my correct career path. 

So, like water off a ducks back, I completely ignore the comments of people who I consider sexually ignorant, intimately stunted, closed minded, rigid religious indoctorinated and unawakened.

Far out – what a mouthful!



Yes, in the past, I have definitely watered myself down to fit in!

I have been in group situations where I have been asked what I do for a living? My answer used to be – “I am a massage therapist, and thankfully I am so busy that I am not taking on any new clients”.


IT’S NOW 2023

I now proudly tell people that I am a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, I work holistically with people of all genders and I tell them that I am the creatrix of Lingam Whisperer Bodywork for men, Yoni Whisperer Bodywork for women and Tantric Whisperer Bodywork for couples.

That’s it…



Negatives My Sexy CareerYou know it is perfectly okay to work with people with a Vagina but if one works with people with a Penis – well that opens up a huge can of worms – because the first thought most people conjure up in their small minded and un-educated brains is prostitution!

Their very next thought is that a male, who would book to see me, would be a very seedy individual, a sexual misfit and or a deviant who would be considered dangerous and immoral. Eyes rolling!


Negatives My Sexy Career


Very sad eh?

Men have sexual issues too!

My male clients are usually very educated, can be career leaders and business owners, are from all walks of life, they travel from all areas of Australia and overseas to see ME and, even after 18 year, I still consider men to be amazing and wonderful individuals.


Men are important too!

My Male Multiples Mastery, with breath-work and intimacy coaching is the best way to help men with their sexual issues…


I am very good at forwarding men, to other sex work providers, who take their clothes off and offer sexual services – that I don’t.


Negatives My Sexy Career

Negatives My Sexy Career


For a long time I have been single, however, two years ago (2021) I did meet a unique, sexy, attractive and alternative man, who was interesting to talk to and we had the same interests.  My passion is motorbike riding and he had four bikes. Awesome!!!

I was very forthcoming and explained about my sexy career and he seemed to be understanding and initially accepted my career choice.

It was however, a disasterous nine month relationship! 

There were red flags, even at the beginning of our relationship, which I regretfully ignored.

There were a few issues, but the main relationship issue was giving bodywork to men – he saw this as cheating.

While for me, golly, Ive seen so many nude male bodies over the past eighteen years – well one becomes very blasé about nudity.

I do NOT see my sexy career choice as cheating, I do NOT share my sexual energy with any of my clients, my intimate bodywork is one way touch and I do NOT get undressed.

He is not in my life any longer.

I choose my career.

The end.




If I had a dollar for every guy who has said to me…

You are so pretty, interesting and such a nice person, BUT, I would not be able to cope with you giving intimate bodywork to men”.  This is a deal breaker for me, I would not be interested in this unevolved male! 

FFS, Eyes Rolling !!!




The challenge of experiencing fulfilling sexual encounters, whether alone or with a partner, affects individuals of all genders and can be deeply unsettling.

Many individuals seek my guidance to address a variety of sexual concerns, including trauma, post-traumatic effects, challenges after childbirth such as scars and numbness, medical interventions (scars/numbness), body image distortions, enhancing lasting-longer endurance in men, managing premature ejaculation, overcoming male erectile difficulties, dealing with genital scar tissue that diminishes feeling and sexual pleasure, addressing clitoral adhesions impacting orgasm, anorgasmia or the inability to orgasm, experiencing numbness during sex, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, brain chatter during sex and numerous other sexual issues.

These sexual issues matter and they can be effectively tackled through consultations with a certified sex and intimacy coach (Sexological Bodyworker/ Somatic Sexologist).

As a certified practitioner in Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sexology, I firmly believe in the potency of a comprehensive approach that encompasses both verbal communication and intimacy-focused coaching, along with a holistic, consent-driven tactile touch bodywork.

Individuals grappling with sexual concerns tend to respond remarkably well to the combination of open dialogue and respectful, consensual touch-based therapy.

Reflecting on my role as a somatic sex educator, I hold the belief that emotional and physical trauma often become lodged in the body as a result of various life experiences. Skillful and boundary-respecting professional bodywork, grounded in consent, has the potential to release these trapped traumas and barriers that hinder one’s ability to enjoy fulfilling sexual experiences, derive pleasure, and achieve orgasm.



Learning to accept myself and my sexy career choice has been a rewarding journey.

My values and priorities are aligned with my goals and purpose.

I focus on my strengths and talents and use them to excel in my career.

I practice gratitude on a daily basis and I am thankful that I am self-employed and able to help, educate and coach many amazing humans of all genders.

As a self-employed, strong, resiliant woman, I am in perfect charge of my own future.

What else could one want?

I do hope that you enjoyed todays blog.

🙂 Namaste, with love & gratitude, Aleena 🙂


Negatives My Sexy Career


Negatives My Sexy Career


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Negatives My Sexy Career

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