Large Penis Erectile Dysfunction

Large Penis Erectile Dysfunction, understanding the link between penis size and the pubococcygeus muscle aka PC Muscle.

Large Penis Erectile Dysfunction




While having a larger penis can be a source of pride for many men, it’s essential to recognize that there can be negatives associated with penis size.

In my role as a Somatic Sexologist, I’ve encountered a few male clients, who during conversation, have disclosed to me their frustration because their penis, no longer gets 100% engorged, and intimacy is no longer very exciting! Their once rock hard larger erection is no longer growing to its full potential.

During moments of excitement and arousal, these men are only able to achieve about 90-95% hardness. They express that they’re struggling to feel enough pleasure during sex, even with thrusting, and they need a lot more stimulation to reach orgasm. Some have even shared that achieving orgasm has become a rare occurrence for them.



Furthermore, these challenges can impact their relationships. Partners may feel confused about why their partner is struggling, leading to questions about attraction and desire. This situation can have a severe psychological toll on men, causing a loss of confidence, pre-sex anxiety, avoidance of initiating intimacy, and even feelings of anxiety and depression.



Some men have told me that their doctor has given them a prescriptions for medications like Viagra or Cialis, but they’re still not achieving the desired results and are bothered by the side effects. It’s crucial, for a male, to explore all avenues to find a solution to regain his sexual confidence, pleasure, intimacy and connection in his relationship.



It’s worth considering that your doctor, who might not have yet pinpointed the cause of your erectile issues, may not have directly asked you a question that could be pivotal:

“What is the size of your penis?”

This seemingly simple question could potentially shed light on the unique factors contributing to your challenges. Exploring this aspect might lead to a more comprehensive understanding of your situation and open doors to a very simple solution. 

For men grappling with erectile dysfunction (ED), who’ve undergone medical consultations and received normal blood test results, it’s valuable to explore the possibility of weak PC muscles.



Various factors can contribute to this condition. Changes in physical activity levels, especially from a more active lifestyle to a sedentary one, can have a direct impact on muscle strength, including the PC muscles. Maintaining regular physical activity is essential not only for overall health but also for maintaining the strength and function of various muscle groups, including those in the pelvic region.

Injuries or medical conditions that affect mobility and muscle function can also lead to weakened PC muscles. In some cases, trauma or surgeries in the pelvic area can disrupt the normal function of these muscles. Proper rehabilitation and exercises, including targeted PC muscle exercises like Kegels, can help in restoring muscle strength and function.

It’s important to recognize that your male PC muscles play a crucial role in sexual function. Engaging in exercises to strengthen the PC muscles, combined with overall physical fitness, could potentially contribute to addressing ED concerns and restoring sexual confidence.


Large Penis Erectile Dysfunction



The PC muscle, short for pubococcygeus muscle, is a group of muscles that span from the pubic bone to the tailbone, forming the floor of the pelvic cavity. It plays a significant role in various bodily functions, including supporting the pelvic organs and controlling urine flow. Importantly, it also has a role in sexual function, including achieving and maintaining erections.




The length of the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle can vary from person to person. It’s not typically measured in terms of length, like other muscles in the body, because it’s a thin, sheet-like muscle that stretches across the pelvic floor. Instead of length, its strength and tone are of greater importance.

The PC muscle runs from the pubic bone to the tailbone and plays a crucial role in supporting the pelvic organs, controlling urine flow, and contributing to sexual function. Strengthening the PC muscle through exercises like Kegels can have various benefits, including potential improvements in erectile function and overall pelvic health. However, there isn’t a specific average length measurement for the PC muscle as there is for other types of muscles in the body.


Large Penis Erectile Dysfunction

Large Penis Erectile Dysfunction


Building a strong PC muscle to potentially enhance erectile function involves performing exercises called Kegel exercises.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Identify the PC Muscle:  To begin, find your PC muscle by halting the flow of urine while urinating. The muscle engaged during this action is your PC muscle. Stopping the flow of urine to locate the PC muscle is generally used as a one-time exercise to help identify the muscle. It’s not recommended to use this method regularly during Kegel exercises, as it could potentially disrupt the natural urine flow and lead to urinary issues.


  • Isolate the Muscle:  Sit comfortably and practice contracting and relaxing the PC muscle without involving other muscles. Squeeze the PC muscle for a few seconds, then release.


  • Divide the Muscle:  Break down the PC muscle into three areas: anal area, perineum area (between the anus and genitals), and penis area.


  • Establish a Routine: Create a regular exercise routine to strengthen the PC muscle. Start with a few sets of 10 repetitions per day for each area. Gradually increase the duration and intensity as your muscle strength improves. It is recommended to exercise the three PC muscle areas for five minutes, twice a day.


  • Put on some Music:  Exercising your PC muscle to music can add an enjoyable twist to your routine. Here’s how you can incorporate music into your PC muscle exercises.


  • Choose Your Music:  Select a song with a rhythmic and catchy beat that you enjoy. It could be your favorite upbeat song or something that makes you want to move.


  • Get Comfortable:  Find a comfortable and private space where you can focus on your exercises without distractions.


  • Sync with the Beat:  As the music plays, align your PC muscle contractions with the rhythm. Lift and contract your PC muscle as you count the beats of the music.


  • Lift and Release:  Lift and hold your PC muscle contraction to the beat of the music. You can lift once and release, or experiment with different patterns, like lifting for two beats and releasing for two beats.


  • Play with Timing:  Feel free to play around with the timing. Lift for four beats, hold the contraction for four beats, and then release for four beats. Adjust the pattern according to the music and what feels comfortable for you.


  • Stay Consistent:  Aim to exercise your PC muscle regularly to see improvements in strength and function. Incorporating music can make the routine more enjoyable and motivating.Remember that consistency is key when it comes to strengthening your PC muscle. Using music as a guide can make the exercises more engaging and help you maintain a steady rhythm. Enjoy the process and have fun while exercising your PC muscle to the beat of your favorite tunes!


  • Try Different Contractions:  Experiment with various contraction types. Besides standard contractions, attempt long squeezes (holding the contraction for a few seconds) and quick pulses (rapidly contracting and relaxing).


  • Consistency Matters:  Like any muscle, the PC muscle requires consistent exercise for gradual strength development. Incorporate Kegel exercises into your daily routine.


  • Avoid Overexertion:  Prevent straining or overexertion, as with any exercise. Gradually progress the intensity to avoid discomfort or injury.


  • Monitor Your Progress: Observe improvements in erectile function and sensations over time. While results may not be immediate, consistent Kegel practice can lead to positive outcomes.


Building PC muscle strength does require patience and consistency. It’s important for individuals to understand that results can vary based on factors like their current muscle condition, overall health, and how diligently they adhere to their exercise routine.


Large Penis Erectile Dysfunction


As a Sex and Intimacy Coach, I want to share the inspiring story of a 23-year-old male client I worked with. This individual had a generously sized penis and shared his feedback with me, emphasizing that he began to observe positive changes after three weeks of consistent effort.

By dedicating himself to PC muscle exercises for four weeks, which he divided into thirds targeting different areas of the muscle, he was delighted to experience a significant improvement in achieving full hardness and engorgement once again.




While strengthening the PC muscle through Kegel exercises can certainly contribute to better pelvic health and potentially address erectile issues, it’s also important to acknowledge that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Factors such as overall lifestyle, underlying health conditions, and psychological aspects can also play a role in erectile function.




The information provided in this article is intended for general informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.


Large Penis Erectile Dysfunction

Large Penis Erectile Dysfunction

Written by Aleena Aspley who is a Certifed Sexological Bodyworker / Somatic Sexologist & NEO Tantra Intimacy Coach. Aleena’s bodywork studio is located in North Brisbane and is by appointment only.

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Large Penis Erectile Dysfunction

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